Athlete Sports

Marion County Special Olympics Southside Storm offers a year-round sports program which is based on its athletes’ interests. Special Olympics Indiana currently offers training and competition in 20 different sports and activities throughout the year.  Of the 20 sporting events offered through Special Olympics Indiana, Southside Storm teams actively participate in ten of those sports.   

Track & Field

April 1 to June 3 / Monday Nights


April 1 to June 3 / Monday Nights

Corn Toss

June 5 to September 6 / Friday Nights

Unified Volleyball

June 5 to September 11 / Wednesday Nights


June 7 to September 20 / Saturday Afternoons


June 10 to September 16 / Monday Nights


September 7 to March / Saturday Mornings


November 4 to March / Monday Nights

Unified Soccer / St. Francis TOPSoccer Program 

Spring and Fall / Saturday Mornings