What’s All The “Hoop”la About?


The NCAA and Special Olympics Partnership — What A Great Team!

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is committed to a partnership with Special Olympics through their Division III Student-Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC). The partnership, established in 2011, continues to grow and fosters a mutual learning environment between college athletes and Special Olympics athletes while providing a platform for Division III student-athletes to give back through the spirit of sports and competition.  Every year, student-athletes from around the United States visit Indiana to participate in the NCAA Delegation Conference to learn about athletic programs and recruiting opportunities offered by various colleges.  As part of the conference, student-athletes spend time mentoring Special Olympics athletes in sports activities.

This year’s NCAA Delegation Conference found two Special Olympics Indiana – Marion County South athletes in the middle of all the excitement.  Tim McGuinness and Amber McClain talked the talk and walked the walk as they dribbled, passed, and shot their way down the hardwood. Both Marion County Southside Storm athletes had a blast strutting their stuff and showing-off their basketball skills in a little friendly competition. Amber displayed versatility and artistic expression as she danced a little jig before taking the ball to the hoop. Tim found himself in the middle of a friendly rebounding competition with none other than — A GIRL!

The event ended with a photo opportunity to commemorate the special memories that will likely stand the test of time. The lemonade and ice cream were also a nice touch to end the fun-filled day of athletes sharing a common passion for sports.

Thanks to the NCAA and Student-Athletes for All the Dedication and Hard Work that Make this Partnership Successful!!