From Pirates to Princesses

Pirate to Princess

Linda Spalding and Allison Watson, previously dubbed as the MCS Polar Pirates, abandoned ship and turned in their “pirate swagger” to strut their stuff in fashion while wearing tutus and tiaras during the 17th Annual Special Olympics Indiana Polar Plunge at Eagle Creek Beach on March 5th. It was a breezy, bleak 34 degrees as participants gathered to rush into the icy waters of Eagle Creek Beach for the Early Bird Plunge at 8:30 am.

The “Executive Plunge” kicked-off the annual event as Michael Furnish, President/CEO of Special Olympics Indiana, and his colleagues made a mad dash into the frigid water, a few even dipping underwater. Several groups, including high school sports teams, business teams, single plungers who were grouped together, and Indiana’s own Naptown Roller Girls, professional roller derby team, followed.

The tutus and tiaras finally emerged from the staging tent as our Southside Storm’s fair maidens approached the beachfront. It was time for Linda and Allison to show everyone what the Special Olympics Indiana – Marion County Southside Storms are made of. They each took a deep breath as their teeth chattered and they approached the inevitable. There was no turning back now! Their warm beds became a distant memory as the shock of reality set in when they bravely stepped into the ice cold water and made their way out to a destination that seemed to last forever.

Linda, a veteran plunger, had some famous last words, “In the beginning, it seemed like a good idea …”

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Thank You Linda and Allison for Freezin’ for a Reason and raising $550 in the 2016 Special Olympics Indiana Polar Plunge.  

You Girls Rock!