Move Over Hulk Hogan

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Thanks to Scott Romer Photography for allowing photo usage.

Little did Dr. Doom know when he stepped into the ring on that fateful November day, Dawson Cloud and Ryan Shaffer from Special Olympics Indiana – Marion County South would storm-in and save the day from his evil grips during the 13th Annual Timmy Takedown Wrestling Event! Dr. Doom proved to be no match for neither Dawson nor Ryan as he fell victim to both of the Southside Storm athletes’ best moves while they wrestled their way to victory in each of their matches.  

The Timmy Takedown Wrestling Event is a fundraiser hosted by Timmy Global Health, where local kids with special needs climb onto the ring to square off against the dreaded “Dr. Doom” to raise money for the communities and families around the world who are supported by the global organization. Dr. Doom’s true identity is Dr. Dietzen—the founder and President of Timmy Global Health.

Way to Save the Day Dawson and Ryan!